Company Details

Name of corporate debtor:

Gajanan Oil Pvt Ltd



Email ID:

[email protected]


On going


  • Orders of Honourable NCLT
    No. Description Download
    1 Liquidation Commencement Order - GOPL
  • Public Notice and Announcements
    No. Description Download
    1 Form B Public Announcement - GOPL
    2 Public Announcement List of Stakeholders - GOPL
  • Status of Claims
    No. Description Download
    1 Status of Claims of Financial Creditors - GOPL
    2 Status of Claims of Operational Creditors - GOPL
  • Claim Forms
    No. Description Download
    1 FORM C - Proof of Claim by Operational Creditor
    2 FORM D - Proof of Claim by Financial Creditor
    3 FORM E - Proof of Claim by a Workman or an Employee
    4 FORM F - Proof of Claim submitted by Authorised Representative of Workmen and Employees
    5 FORM G - Proof of Claim by Any Other Stakeholder
  • Auction Process Documents
    No. Description Download
    1 6th E-Auction Public Announcement - GOPL - 21 Jan. 2021
    2 6th E-Auction Process Document - GOPL - 21 Jan. 2021